Hello! I am Angela Baumgart, owner of Natural Balance Massage. I specialize in relieving headaches, jaw, neck and back pain due to stress, poor posture and repetitive use strain.

Over the years I have also suffered from frequent headaches, jaw and neck pain which led me to massage therapy to manage these issues. Click here to read more about me.

Angela Baumgart-Lakeville Massage Therapist-Natural Balance Massage

A good majority of us live day-to-day with pain or tension in our bodies. Sometimes we don't even realize how much our muscles hurt because our bodies have become accustomed to living with the tension.
The clients that I work with are looking to relieve this tension and pain that is affecting their daily lives and prevent further injury.
Specifically, they are office workers that sit at a computer all day, hair stylists that are constantly holding their arms out and on their feet or dental hygienists that are repeatedly looking down. I also work with new moms that are experiencing neck and upper back tension from nursing, carrying car seats and holding their baby. These repetitive tasks can greatly affect your muscles.
Stress management is a goal for clients and their sessions as well. If stress or anxiety is felt, we tend to clench our jaw, raise our shoulders to ears and tighten the muscles around our hips. When daily stress continues, our bodies are kept in fight or flight and not able to fully relax. Massage can help bring the body into rest and digest and allow healing to happen.

If you suffer from headaches, jaw, neck or back pain please know you don't have to live with it!

Please contact me with any questions.